Resecure Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parameters and Access Files

Routinely, or if your access file is compromised, perform the following steps to resecure Connect:Direct® Secure Plus:
Do not type a new passphrase if an error occurs. If an error occurs while you are resecuring the files, restore the node records from the ACFSave directory. This directory is created after the Rekey Secure+ feature is executed.
  1. From the Secure+ Admin Tool Main Window, click File > Rekey Secure+. The Rekey Secure+ dialog box is displayed.
  2. Type an alphanumeric string of at least 32 characters in the Passphrase field. uses the passphrase to re-encrypt the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameters and access files. You do not have to remember this passphrase value.
  3. Click OK to accept the new passphrase. Connect:Direct Secure Plus decrypts and re-encrypts the parameters file and access file.