Saving Changes to Node Records Using the Save Active Option

The Save Active option on the Secure+ Admin Tool File menu enables you to dynamically save changes to all records in an existing Connect:Direct® Secure Plus parameter file.

You must use the Save As option the first time you create the parameter file. This option deletes, defines, and reloads the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file. See Saving and Submitting the Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parameter File.

Note: Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS® must be running in order to use the Save Active option. Any changes made to node records take effect immediately.

To save the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file and put any changes made in effect immediately:

  1. Open the Admin Tool.
  2. Select File and press Enter.
  3. Type 6 to select Save Active.
  4. Read all warning and error messages. You can continue without resolving warning messages, but you must resolve all errors before you save the parameter file.
    Because Connect:Direct Secure Plus for z/OS cannot restrict multiple users from attempting to apply updates to the same parameter file, measures should be in place to ensure that only one user is accessing a particular parameter file at one time. If precautions are not taken, updates will be lost and conflicts among multiple user interfaces will occur.