Creating IBM Connect:Direct Processes

After you define your business need, you can create a Process for execution in the following ways:

  • IBM Connect:Direct Web Services extends a light and clean Web-based User Interface (Web Console) for Connect:Direct users to create, submit, and view Connect:Direct processes from a web browser.
  • Through the Process Builder feature of the Connect:Direct® Browser User Interface, a Web-based interface to a IBM® Connect:Direct server. The Connect:Direct Browser User Interface is distributed with IBM Connect:Direct and Control Center.

    The Process Builder is a GUI that enables you to build, modify, and save Processes. The Process Builder handles IBM Connect:Direct Process syntax rules automatically. The Process Builder eliminates the typographical mistakes made when creating Processes with a text editor. You can also validate Process syntax and submit completed Processes from the Process Builder.

    You can use the Process Builder to modify Processes created with a text editor. Likewise, Processes created with the Process Builder feature can be edited with a text editor.

  • Through the IBM Connect:Direct Requester for Microsoft Windows, which is a graphical interface to Connect:Direct for Microsoft Windows.
  • A text file that is submitted to a IBM Connect:Direct server through a batch utility, command line, or a user written program through the Connect:Direct Application Program Interface (API).
  • Through the Connect:Direct for z/OS® IUI. See the Connect:Direct for z/OS User Guide for information about the IUI.