Transmission Control Queue Parameters

The Connect:Direct® Transmission Control Queue (TCQ) holds submitted Processes. The TCQ information parameters define information about the TCQ, such as the default Process directory.

See Manage Processes.

The following table identifies the TCQ information parameters:

Parameter Name Description Valid Values Restart Required


The maximum number of days a Process with Held due to Error (HE) status remains in the TCQ before it is automatically deleted. Processes are not automatically deleted when you specify 0.

A numeric value from 0 to 999.

The default is 30 days.



Specifies how to start the Connect:Direct node with respect to the TCQ.

W | C

w (warm)—Retain all existing Processes in the TCQ at startup. This is the default.

c (cold)—Delete all existing Processes in the TCQ at startup.



The default directory a Process runs from if a submit statement does not specify a fully-qualified path.
Note: Only system administrator has the privileges to update the path of process directory.

Valid, fully qualified path name.

The default is X:\installation directory\PROCESS.



Specifies whether a run task operation executes on a remote Windows node after a session failure. If a run task operation is executing on the remote node and a session failure occurs, the local node recognizes the session failure and puts the Process in the Timer queue for retry. The remote node is not aware of the session failure until the Process completes. The checkpoint/restart feature for run task ensures that when the Process restarts on the local node, the run task operation does not execute again on the remote node.

Y | N

The default is N.



Action to take after the specified short and long-term retries have been used.

Hold | Delete

  • Hold - Places Processes in the hold queue in "Held in Error” status after all retry attempts are used.
  • Delete - Causes the Processes to be deleted from the TCQ.

The default is Hold.