This parameter defines the length of time in hours, minutes, and seconds that the TCP session can be inactive waiting on a IBM® Connect:Direct® FMH to be received from the remote node before the TCP session is terminated.

The default value is 00:10:00. For a IBM Connect:Direct Run Task step, the timer value does not apply.

The IBM Connect:Direct Process is placed in the Timer Retry queue and retried after the amount of time specified by the WTRETRIES initialization parameter has elapsed. However, if the session times out a second time, the Process is placed in Held in Error status and remains in the Hold queue to give you an opportunity to analyze the problem to prevent this Process from retaining TCP resources. This Held in Error status requires a manual intervention to have the Process execute again.

Care should be taken in specifying these timer values in that IBM Connect:Direct Processes could perform differently than expected due to the session being prematurely terminated.

Use this parameter only when necessary, and when you do, set it to an extremely high value. It is difficult to estimate how much time it takes, for example, for a file to be allocated by means of a manual tape mount. Through trial and error, you should be able to select an appropriate value for this parameter.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO