STAT.USER = (user ID, [password])

This parameter specifies the security ID under which the statistics log is written and any archive Process or batch job runs. Use this parameter when implementing a stage 2 security exit.

A system task (a separate TCB) does the writing of the statistics files to minimize the impact of statistics logging on the throughput of the DTF. File pair switching and archive Process submission is also done by this task. Such processing is done in the background within the DTF, and therefore, has less impact on other activity. Connect:Direct® for z/OS® creates this task using the security user ID from the STAT.USER parameter. The system also propagates the user ID to the archive Process and to any batch jobs the archive Process submits.

If your site is running with full stage 1/stage 2 security implemented, it is not necessary to supply the password with this parameter.

Value Description
user ID Specifies the security ID that IBM® Connect:Direct passes to a security exit. It contains 1–8 characters.
Note: Certain IBM Connect:Direct statistics records are written with the STAT.USER ID in their user ID field. For example, the S2 records that contain information about the statistics logging Process are written with this ID. Because user ID is one of the indexed statistics record fields, specifying a unique ID facilitates the rapid retrieval of these records through the SELECT STATISTICS command when the TYPE and USER selection criteria are specified.
password Specifies the current security password. The security exit uses this parameter to validate the current security password.

If you do not specify this parameter, or if you do not implement the stage 2 security exit, the statistics logging task runs with the security ID of the DTF job, and with the user ID of NDM. In this case, the TP and S2 records are written with NDM in their user ID fields.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO