This parameter specifies whether or not IBM® Connect:Direct® serializes access of output PDSes for simultaneous directory updates from IBM Connect:Direct and ISPF EDIT or the IBM linkage editor.

Value Description
YES An ISPF/IEWL ENQUEUE (or RESERVE if the device is shared) is issued to serialize access for output PDS data sets opened with DISP = SHR. Use of PDSENQ does not prevent simultaneous directory updates from batch jobs or other sources that do not issue the same enqueues. If the ENQ or RESERVE fails, DATA SET IN USE allocation error is issued. The Process retries later if 0210 is specified in the ALLOC.CODES initialization parameter. Because the ISPF editor only enqueues a member of a PDS when an ISPF SAVE of the member is issued, a user can be in edit on the member from a PDS to which IBM Connect:Direct is trying to copy. If you attempt to save a member being edited at the same time that IBM Connect:Direct is copying to that PDS, the TSO/ISPF session hangs until the IBM Connect:Direct COPY operation is complete. When the IBM Connect:Direct COPY operation completes, the ISPF SAVE command executes, thereby overlaying the member that are recently copied by IBM Connect:Direct.
NO An ISPF/IEWL ENQUEUE is not issued.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES