This parameter indicates that all processing in the specified node is suspended and no new processing is permitted until a Resume is issued with the MODIFY command. You can specify this node-level parameter to suspend processing for as many nodes as required. Node-level initparms are processed in the order specified.

The node name parameter is the 1–16 character local node name specified in the network map of the affected node. You can also specify a partial node name with the * and ? wildcard characters. If you specify * anywhere in the node name other than the very end, you must enclose the node name in single quotes. For example, the following parameter suspends processing on all node names that contain MIAMI.


If the parameter is issued on an SNODE to quiesce processing with a PNODE, the session with the PNODE is established. However, as soon as the PNODE node name is determined, the session is terminated. No processing of data occurs.

Use this parameter if you want to suspend processing on a node because of problems, but want other nodes to continue processing. You can also use it if you know that a node will be down for some time.

Refer to Suspending and Resuming Quiesce and Trace Settings for how to resume normal operations by setting SESSIONS to R (Resume) with the MODIFY command.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO