This parameter determines the level of compression. The valid value range is 1–9. The default is 1, which usually provides sufficient compression. The data goes through the compression code the number of times indicated by the value specified for the parameter.

Compression consumes significant CPU resources. To avoid degrading performance in your production environment by changing the global, default settings for the extended compression parameters, you should: (1) Review Using Extended Compression to view test results that describe how changing the global, default values affects performance, and (2) Review Testing the Effects of Changing Values for Extended Compression Parameters in IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® User Guide for information on using the DGASACMP offline utility to perform tests to determine whether changing the default values of the extended compression parameters at the global level or by overriding them at the Process level will significantly improve your system performance.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: YES