CDPLEX.SERVER.JOBMEM = ((member name,server name),…)

This parameter specifies the CDPLEX.SERVER.JOBDSN member containing the JCL or start command that starts the specified IBM® Connect:Direct®/Server. The member name can be up to 8 characters long.

This parameter is only valid for the IBM Connect:Direct/Manager.

You can specify a maximum of 32 member/server name combinations.

If you want to start the IBM Connect:Direct/Server as a started task in a JES2 environment, use one of the following to issue a start command:

  • To issue a START command on the same z/OS image, include START= as the first statement in the member. The member is not submitted as JCL, but a START command is issued with the rest of the first statement.

    For example, if START=HOST4100,X is the first statement, then the command START HOST4100,X is issued to z/OS.

  • To issue a START command on a different z/OS image, include /*$VS,‘command’ as the first statement in the member. The member is submitted to JES, but JES identifies the /*$VS and issues the appropriate command to z/OS.

    For example, if /*$VS,‘RO CSGB,S CDICOMB’, the member is submitted to JES and the

    RO CSGB,S CDICOMB command is issued by JES to z/OS rather than placed in the job queue.

Modifiable through MODIFY INITPARMS command: NO