Calculating Minimum Value of NCP TRANSFR

To calculate the minimum value of an NCP TRANSFR, define each NCP-to-NCP connection to accommodate the maximum RU size defined for a IBM® Connect:Direct® DTF-to-DTF session. This value is controlled by the NCP TRANSFR parameter of each NCP LINE macro defining an NCP-to-NCP link. The following is a summary of the calculations required to determine the NCP TRANSFR value:

  1. Determine the maximum amount of data to be received on this line definition. For IBM Connect:Direct, this amount is the RU size plus 29 bytes for the request/response headers.
  2. Add 24 bytes to this value for required NCP overhead (BFRPAD).
  3. Divide the sum by the NCP buffer size (BFRS).
  4. Round the result to the next highest integer. This integer is the minimum value that you can specify for TRANSFR that corresponds to the specified RU size.