Starting the Connect:Direct for z/OS® CICS Interface

Perform this task only if IBM® Connect:Direct® CICS® is not part of the Program Load Table (PLT) initialization.

After starting CICS, start the IBM Connect:Direct CICS interface as follows:

  1. Type the DGAA transaction code, and press Enter.
  2. Select option I from the PRIMARY MENU and press Enter to go to the INTERFACE screen.
  3. From the INTERFACE screen, select option A, and press Enter. When the message INTERFACE HAS BEEN STARTED is displayed, press Enter to refresh the status information, and wait until ACTIVE is displayed in the INTERFACE STATUS field, and a transaction number is displayed in the MONITOR TASK NUMBER field.
  4. Press PF3 to return to the PRIMARY MENU, select option N on the PRIMARY MENU, and press Enter to go to the NODE STATUS screen.
  5. On the NODE STATUS screen, for each node you want to activate, select the line command A in the field to the far left of each NODE STATUS line. When the date and time are displayed under the SESSION DATE/TIME heading, the node is activated.
    Note: The node may already be active if the message SUPPRESS CONNECTION AT STARTUP = N is displayed on the DTF NODE screen during the installation procedures.
  6. Press PF3 several times to exit the DGAA transaction, and then sign on to IBM Connect:Direct using the DGA transaction code.