Connect:Direct for UNIX Configuration Files

Connect:Direct® for UNIX creates the following configuration files during installation and customization. These files are required for the Connect:Direct for UNIX server to operate correctly.

Initialization parameters file

Provides information to the server to use at start up. During the installation, you identify the settings necessary for the initialization parameters file.

User authorization information file

Contains the local user information and remote user information record types. You customize this file during installation to map remote user IDs to local user IDs and create remote user information records in the user authorization information file.

Strong access control file

Improves the security of Connect:Direct for UNIX and allows, denies, or limits root access control. This file is created when you install Connect:Direct for UNIX. If the file is deleted or corrupted, access to Connect:Direct for UNIX is denied to all users.

Network map file

Describes the local node and other Connect:Direct for UNIX nodes in the network. You can define a remote node record for each node that Connect:Direct for UNIX communicates with.

Server authentication key file

Verifies client API connection requests. Only verified clients are granted a connection.

Client configuration file

Identifies the port and host name used by a client to connect to Connect:Direct for UNIX.

Client authentication key file

Identifies Connect:Direct for UNIX servers that a Connect:Direct for UNIX client connects to. You can have multiple entries for multiple servers.