Saving and Submitting the Connect:Direct Secure Plus Parameter File

This procedure assumes that you have verified that the following required IBM® Connect:Direct® ISP libraries (all of the same release) have been allocated in your TSO session:

  • $CD.SDGAISPC (must be allocated as SYSPROC)

If these required libraries have not been allocated, or have been allocated incorrectly, when you perform this procedure, the JCL for the SAVE AS job is not generated, and you have to repeat the procedures to configure the local and remote nodes. For information on how to allocate these libraries, see IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Configuration Guide and Program Directory for IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS.

To save the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file:

  1. From the Connect:Direct Secure Plus Admin Tool: Main Screen, select File and press Enter.
     File  Edit  Help                                                            
    +-------------------+  Secure+ Admin Tool: Main Screen              Row 1 of 7
    | 1  1. New         | __________________________________________  Scroll CSR 
    |    2. Open        |   
    |    3. Close       |     Table Line Commands are:                             
    |    4. Info...     |                                                          
    |    *. Rekey       |     H View History          D Delete node                
    |    6. Save Active |     V View node                                          
    |    7. Save as...  |                                                          
    |    8. Unload      |___________                                                              
    |    9. Exit        |                                                          
    +-------------------+      Secure+                      External Client        
     LC Node Name         Type Protocol Override Encryption   Auth    Auth         
     -- ----------------  ---- -------- -------- ---------- -------- --------      
     __ .CLIENT            R   *            N         *         *       *          
     __ .EASERVER          R   TLSV10       N         *         N       *          
     __ .PASSWORD          R   Disabled     *         *         *       *          
     __ CD.UNIX.NODE       R   TLSV10       *         *         *       *          
     __ CD.UNIX.NODE2      R   TLSV12       *         *         *       *          
     __ CD.ZOS.NODE        L   Disabled     Y         N         N       N          
     __ CD.ZOS.NODE2       R   *            *         *         *       *          
    ********************************* BOTTOM OF DATA ****************************
  2. Type 7 to select Save As.
  3. Type the file name you want to use for the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file and press Enter. (You will use this same file name in step 1 when you add this information as a parameter to the IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameter file to tell IBM Connect:Direct where security information is located.)
    The default Save As file name is the name of the last file that you opened. When you create the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file from the IBM Connect:Direct network map, you risk overwriting the network map file with the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file if you do not change the name in this field. If the file specified here exists, you will be prompted that it will be deleted, redefined, and built anew if you select OK.
  4. On the Save As information panel, type site-specific job card information, allocation information, STEPLIB DSNs, and Access file Dsname, using the library names created when you saved the parameter file.
    For the Access file Dsname, you must not use the same name specified for the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file. However, the Access file and Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file act as a pair and one is not any good without the other. To more easily track the files if necessary, it is recommended that at least the first two qualifiiers match. For example, you could use $CD.SECURE.PARM and $CD.SECURE.ACCESS for the names of the related Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter and access files.
  5. Type 3 to select Submit and press Enter to save your parameter file. (If you need to change anything later, type 2 to edit the JCL before submitting the job. Edit the JCL and then submit the job.)
    Closing the JCL without submitting the job loses all of the changes you made to the parameter file.
  6. Research any return code other than zero before closing the parameter file or exiting the Admin Tool.