Upgrade Considerations

If you are upgrading from an existing version of Connect:Direct® for UNIX, observe the following guidelines:

  • SNMP is no longer supported. If you are using SNMP and upgrade to this version, other functionality will not be negatively impacted. However, you will no longer receive SNMP messages.
  • Change the ownership on the statistics files in your work directory so that these files are owned by the user who starts the cdpmgr daemon. Use the following command sequence to change the ownership of the statistics files:
    $ su root
    Password: root_password
    # cd cddir/work/node
    # chown user_who_starts_cdpmgr S*.???

    The upgrade considerations for installing Connect:Direct for UNIX on EC2 are described in section " Prerequisites for activating Connect:Direct Unix on AWS cloud".

    The following variable definitions apply:
    • root_password - Root user's password
    • cddir - Directory in which Connect:Direct for UNIX is installed
    • node - Your Connect:Direct for UNIX node name
    • user_who_starts_cdpmgr - User name of the user who will start the cdpmgr daemon
  • If you are upgrading a collection of Connect:Direct for UNIX nodes in a load-balancing environment, stop all of the nodes before you begin the upgrade. You can restart the nodes after they have been upgraded.
  • If you are upgrading on HPUXIT and SOLARIS, the netmap must be reconfigured. Add rpc.pmgr.port to the local.node entry in the netmap.cfg file. If this entry is not added, the RPC Server utilizes port 1367 by default. If the default port is busy, the connection with Connect:Direct Server does not come up.