Security Considerations

You should evaluate security consideration as per your enterprise policy and should take necessary steps to harden it.
  • It is recommended that Connect:Direct Web Services and PostgreSQL database be installed on the same system.
  • Connect:Direct Web Services PostgreSQL database does not support data encryption in the current release.
    Note: From release CDWS 6.2.10, the above PostrgresSQL security considerations will not be applicable
  • For security reasons, you must change your default administrator password immediately on your first login. If you wish to change again, use Reset Password option under the Admin view.
  • If you configure and integrate your own Keystore/Truststore other than the default one, you will be responsible for its security and protection.
  • An Admin/CD user trying to login to CDWS will be blocked after N login failures. The value ‘N’ is now configurable via
  • File Permission: The permission of the file system is handled by the Operating System itself. Only the user who installed the CDWS and the admin user will have permission to change any data.
  • Encrypted Data: The encryption/decryption logic is already in place (uses CD security library) and the secured data like passwords, token details are stored in JSON file in the encrypted format.