Configuring the Connect:Direct Local Node

Before using IBM® Connect:Direct® for Microsoft Windows to transfer files, you have to configure the local node.

You can configure the local node using the Configuration Tool or with Connect:Direct Requester. This set of topics provides instructions for using Requester. Requester is a graphical user interface that enables you to define local nodes, user IDs, user authorities, and remote user proxies.

With the Connect:Direct Configuration Tool, you edit text files of user authorization and network map parameters, and you can export these files. However, using the Configuration Tool requires that you understand all the Connect:Direct keywords and their parameters. Connect:Direct Requester makes it easier to define user authorization parameters.

Note: The Configuration Tool also enables you to view or print a configuration. See Print and View Node and Network Map Definitions under Define and Manage the Connect:Direct Network.
To configure the local node using Requester, you:
  1. Add a node definition for each server at the local site.
  2. Add a user ID for each person who accesses one of the local servers.
  3. Define the functions each local user can perform (functional authorities).
  4. If necessary, configure user proxies for remote user access to the local node.