Applying Updated Configuration Information

You can update the network map and user authorizations, including proxies and group authorizations, by adding the updated configuration files to the Microsoft Windows Registry. After they are added, the settings are applied when the server is running.

Restriction: You cannot use CDConfig to change existing objects in the network map and user authorizations. It can only be used to create new netmap or user authorization objects; however, you can use CDConfig to change individual initialization parameters.
The CD Configuration Utility (CDConfig.exe) uses the following command-line parameters:
Table 1. CDConfig.exe Command-Line Parameters
Parameter Description
/q Silently runs the utility while the file is extracted or inserted.
/i Inserts the configuration file into the Registry (use with /ffilename).
/ffilename File to insert into the Registry.
/pfilename Extracts initialization parameters.
/mfilename Extracts netmap.
/ufilename Extracts user configuration.

To create and apply user and netmap files in silent mode, type the following commands:

  1. To extract initialization parameters to a Initparms.cfg file:
    CDConfig.exe /pC:\MyDir\Initparms.cfg /q
  2. To extract a netmap to a Map.cfg file:
    CDConfig.exe /mC:\MyDir\Map.cfg /q
  3. To extract user configuration to a User.cfg file:
    CDConfig.exe /uC:\MyDir\User.cfg /q
  1. To update (individual) initialization parameters from an Initparms.cfg file:
    CDConfig.exe /i /fC:\MyDir\Initparms.cfg /q
  2. To insert new netmap objects from a Map.cfg file:
    CDConfig.exe /i /fC:\MyDir\Map.cfg /q
  3. To insert new user authorization objects from a User.cfg file:
    CDConfig.exe /i /fC:\MyDir\User.cfg /q

Review the CdConfig.log file to verify success.