Tape Mount Messages

These messages are also optional. The first message (WTO) is in the format of the z/OS mount message. The second message is issued as a WTOR to inform the operator to mount a specific volume on a specific device. The third message is issued only if TAPE.PREMOUNT=LIST. Message SVST00C is displayed listing all volume-serial numbers of the requested file. If you are unable to satisfy the specific request, you can reply CANCEL to cancel the request. This message is also used to drive the visual display devices attached to 3480-type devices.

Note: If you use tape silos in your environment, search for Tapemount Exit. To prevent the IBM® Connect:Direct® environment from locking up due to an outstanding tape mount request, the IBM Connect:Direct tapemount exit provides an interface to StorageTek Tape Silo Software to query the silo to determine that all VOLS required for a tape file are present.