Setting Up Connect:Direct for z/OS® Tape Mount Messages

  • Issue the IBM® Connect:Direct® tape mount messages in place of the z/OS mount message. The IBM Connect:Direct mount messages consist of a z/OS-format mount message followed by a WTOR issued to the descriptor and route codes specified by the DESC.TAPE and ROUTCDE.TAPE.
  • You can suppress the IBM Connect:Direct message by specifying ROUTCDE.TAPE=(0) in the initialization parameters. The defaults are DESC.TAPE=(2) ROUTCDE.TAPE=(5,11). If you suppress IBM Connect:Direct tape mount messages, the standard z/OS mount messages are issued with related serialization during mount processing.
  • If you specify ROUTCDE.TAPE=(0), causing IBM Connect:Direct not to issue the mount messages, then the normal z/OS mount message is issued when the dataset is opened. The z/OS mount processing holds an ENQ on the SYSZTIOT resource. This ENQ causes all other IBM Connect:Direct Processes to hang at allocation, open, and deallocation until the tape is mounted.
  • If you use the IBM Connect:Direct tape mount message, the tape already is on the tape drive at open time and z/OS mount processing does not hold the SYSZTIOT resource.