Using $$ACTION VERBS in the Network Map

Add $$ACTION verbs to the network map source as described in the description of the NETINPUT parameter of the UPDATE NETMAP command. For more information on the required parameter, NETINPUT, refer to Updating the Network Map while IBM Connect:Direct is Running. Each verb defines the action to take for the node entry immediately following the action verb. Three basic action verbs and three special purpose action verb pairs exist. For effect of the $$ACTION verbs on the node usage information see, Node Usage Information Maintenance.
Note: The PNODE.LAST.USED and SNODE.LAST.USED parameters are not supported by the $$ACTION verbs.

The following table describes the action verbs:

Action Verb Description
$$INSERT Inserts the following node entry into the network map.
$$UPDATE Updates the following existing network map node entry. Node entry updates are performed as a replacement at the keyword level. Therefore, updates of list-type keywords, like APPLIDS, require that you specify the entire list.

Do not use $$UPDATE to update network map node entries which already contain the LDNS parameter. Use $$DELETE and $$ INSERT to change nodes which contain an LDNS parameter.

Note: You can use $$UPDATE to add the LDNS parameter to a node which did not previously contain one.
$$REPLACE Replaces the present node entry with the one following the $$REPLACE verb. This verb first does a $$DELETE and then a $$INSERT. It can be used in place of $$UPDATE.
$$DELETE Deletes the following existing network map node entry.
$$SYNTAX and $$ENDSYNTAX Performs a syntax check of the network map control statements following this verb.
$$VERIFY and $$ENDVERIFY Verifies that the node definitions following this verb match those in the network map.
$$BLKxxxxxx and $$ENDxxxxxx Performs the basic action verb defined by xxxxxx for the block of node entries following this verb. Replace xxxxxx with either INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE.