Netmap Conversion and Fallback

It is recommended that when switching from an earlier version to v6.1 follow these Netmap conversion steps to ensure that Connect:Direct v6.1 immediately begins to maintain node usage information for all Adjacent Nodes:
  1. Execute the old version of program DGADNTLD to unload the Netmap.
  2. Execute v6.1 version of program DGADNTLD to re-load the Netmap using the data set created in step 1 as input. This creates US records for all Adjacent Nodes and initialize their Node added fields.
It is recommended that if you must fall back from 6.1 to an old version, follow the steps given below since previous Connect:Direct version's DGADNTLD will not recognize the new *NODE.LAST.USED parameters:
  1. Use v6.1 version of DGADNTLD to unload the Netmap.
  2. If you want to preserve the *NODE.LAST.USED information for later when you re-upgrade to v6.1, then make a copy of the output data set.
  3. Manually edit the unload output data set and remove the PNODE.LAST.USED and SNODE.LAST.USED parameters. If you do not do this before reloading, an old version of 6.1 DGADNTLD will issue an error message and end with RC 16. It will not reload the Netmap.
  4. Reload the Netmap using Pre-6.1 DGADNTLD with the edited data set as input.

Neither the conversion nor fallback steps are required. If you don’t complete the conversion steps when going from an old version to 6.1, Connect:Direct v6.1 will not maintain node usage information for any node, unless it is replaced (not updated) using the DGADUPNT program. If you don’t complete the fallback steps when going from v6.1 to an old version, the pre-6.1 Connect:Direct will ignore the US records in the Netmap.