Re-securing the Parameter File and Access File

Routinely, or if your passphrase is compromised, you should re secure the Connect:Direct® Secure Plus parameter and access files. You must open a parameter file before you perform this procedure.

Note: Re-securing the parameter file requires a "Save As" function. This procedure must be executed when the IBM® Connect:Direct is down.
To re secure the Connect:Direct Secure Plus parameter file and access file:
  1. From the Secure+ Admin Tool Main Screen, select File and press Enter.
  2. Type 7 to select Save As and press Enter.
  3. If any warning messages are displayed, read them and press F3 to close the warning panel.
  4. On the File Selection panel, the file name of the parameter file that you have open is displayed. Press Enter.
  5. At the confirmation prompt, select OK. The old parameter file is deleted and a new parameter file with the same name is created.
  6. On the Save As screen, type 2 to select Edit, then select Make Pass Phrase by positioning the cursor on Make and press Enter.
  7. Select OK to confirm that you want to create a new passphrase.
  8. Type a 32-byte string, using uppercase, lowercase, numeric, and alphabetic characters.
  9. On the Save As panel, type 3 to select Submit and press Enter.
  10. Select OK to submit the job.
  11. When the Job Submitted message is displayed, press Enter.
  12. Verify that the job completed with a return code of zero before closing the parameter file or exiting the Secure+ Admin Tool. Research any return codes other than zero.