Creating a Work List

Using Work Lists saves you time and effort by automating routine or repetitive submission tasks. You can build a Work List to periodically submit related work as a single work flow. Your Work List can serve as a library of related or unrelated Processes.

To create a work list:

  1. From the Connect:Direct® Requester Main Window, select File > New > Work List.
  2. Add Work List items as desired.
  3. To establish an automatic status monitor for the Work List as it executes, perform the following actions:
    1. Select WorkList > Work List Properties.
    2. Activate Auto Monitor.
    3. If you want the selected units of work to execute serially, turn on Serial Execution. This feature causes the Submit action to wait until each unit of work is completed before submitting the next unit of work in the Work List. Processes are considered successfully completed if they do not have a status of HI, PE, or EX.
  4. To define substitution variables for the Work List, click the Variables tab. Select one of the following actions:
    • To add a new variable, type a name and value in the appropriate boxes and click Add.
    • To modify a variable, double click the variable. Type a new name or value and click Add.
    • To delete a variable, highlight the variable and click Delete.
  5. To add a comment describing the Work List, click the Comment tab and type the information in the dialog box provided.
  6. Click OK.