Process Termination Record

The following table describes fields in the Process Termination record. The DGAAPTR member of the $CD.SDGAMAP library contains the SAS maps of the IBM® Connect:Direct® statistics record.

Field Names Field Description
PTRECLN Length of this record.
PTRTYPE Record type–PT indicates the Process Termination record.
PTTIME Time that Process completed in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
PTDATE Date that Process completed in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
PTSTIME Time that Process started in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
PTSDATE Date that Process started in Julian date format (yyyydddf)
PTSCC Step completion code. Displays normal completion code.
PTPROCNM Process name.
PTPROCNO Process number.
PTSTEP Step name or label.
PTUNODE Submitter's symbolic node name.
PTUID Userid of the submitter.
PTPNODE Pnode name for this Process.
PTSNODE Snode name for this Process.
PTNODE This node is P(node) or S(node).
PTFROM Direction of data: P(node) to Snode or S(node) to Pnode.
PTUNPRNO Process number unique to submitter's node.
PTRMNID Route message userid of Process.
PTRMUID Userid where message is routed.
PTSUBTME Time that Process was submitted in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
PTSUBDTE Date that Process submitted in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
PTSCHTME Time that Process was scheduled in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
PTSCHDTE Date that Process was scheduled in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
PTSCHDAY Day Process was scheduled.
PTSTMTN Number of statements.
PTPRTY Process selection priority.
PTSUBJOB Submitter's jobname
PTSUBJID Submitter's jobid