Process Submit Statistics Record

The following table describes fields in the Process Submit Statistics record. The DGAAPPSR member of the $CD.SDGAMAP library contains the SAS maps of the statistics record.

Field Names Field Description
PSSRECLN Length of this record.
PSSRTYPE Record type indicates specific data in statistics record: PS=SUBmit statement and SW=SUBmit command within a Process.
PSSCTIME Time that Process completed in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
PSSCDATE Date that Process completed in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
PSSSTIME Time that Process started in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
PSSSDATE Date that Process started in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
PSSSCC Step completion code. Displays normal completion code.
PSSPRCNM Process name.
PSSPRCNO Process number.
PSSSTEP Step name or label.
PSSUNODE Submitter's symbolic node name.
PSSUID Userid of the submitter.
PSSPNODE Pnode name for this Process.
PSSSNODE Snode name for this Process.
PSSNODE This node is P(node) or S(node).
PSSFROM Direction of data: P(node) to Snode or S(node) to Pnode.
PSSROSIZ The number of bytes in the Process.
PSSRMNID Route message userid of Process.
PSSFUNCD The function code for the SUBMIT.
PSSSYNTX The syntax error in SUBmit command.
PSSPARSE The parse error in SUBmit command.
PSSPACT# Displacement to Pnode account data.
PSSSACT# Displacement to Snode account data.
PSSDSN# Displacement to data set name.
PSSUBJOB Submitter's jobname
PSSUBJID Submitter's jobid