Display Statistics Record

The following table contains each field available in the Display Statistics record. The DGAADTR member of the $CD.SDGAMAP library contains the SAS maps of the statistics record.

Field Name Field Description
DTRECLN Length of this record.
DTRTYPE Record type indicates specific data in statistics record: SP=SELect PROCess; DT=SELect TASK; FT=FLUSH TASK; SS=SELect STATistics; and SN=SELect NETMAP.
DTTIME Time that command completed in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
DTDATE Date that command completed in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
DTPROCNM Process name.
DTPROCNO Process number.
DTSTEP Step name or label.
DTUNODE User node ID of the submitter.
DTUID Userid of the submitter.
DTSTIME Time that command started in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
DTSDATE Date that command started in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
DTSCC Step completion code. Displays normal completion code.
DTDFLNM Name of the displayed data set.
DTNVTAMS Number of VTAM sends.
DTNVTAMR Number of VTAM receives.
DTGETS Number of GETS.
DTPUTS Number of PUTS.