Authorization Event Record

The following table shows each field available in the Authorization Event record. The DGAAAER member of the $CD.SDGAMAP library contains the SAS maps of the IBM® Connect:Direct® statistics record.

Field Names Field Description
AERECLN Length of this record.
AERTYPE Record type indicates specific data in statistics record: IU=INSert; UU=UPDate USER; SU=SELect USER; and DU=DELete USER.
AERTIME Time that event was recorded in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
AEDATE Date that event was recorded in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
AEPROCNM Process name.
AEPROCNO Process number.
AEUNODE User node of the submitter.
AEUID Userid of the submitter.
AESTEP Step name or label.
AESTIME Time that Process started in hh/mm/ss/tt format.
AESDATE Date that Process started in Julian date format (yyyydddf).
AESCC Step completion code.
AESDSNL Length of data set name.
AESDSN Source data set name.
AESDSTYP Data set type (LIB, DSN).
AEEVENT Event code.
AEEVENTQ Event code qualifier.