Using a REXX EXEC Invoked Inside ISPF

Follow these steps to invoke a REXX EXEC inside ISPF.

  1. Start by creating a REXX EXEC to be invoked inside ISPF that does the allocations. Follow the example of allocating TSO REXX inside ISPF, included in
    Example of TSO REXX Allocation Inside ISPF. Remove the EXIT statement. Customize with your Connect:Direct DSNs and applid, if NEWAPPL was added.
  2. Add the call to DGADISTR after the allocations. For an example of the REXX syntax, see
    Invoke the IUI Main Dialog (DGADISTR). Customize with your NETMAP DSN.
  3. Add the unallocation statements. For an example of TSO REXX unallocation, see,
  4. From ISPF 6, invoke the REXX EXEC.