Rules for Setting Up Connect:Direct for z/OS® CLISTs

The following rules apply when setting up an operator CLIST:

  • All operator CLISTs must have a PROC record as the first record in the CLIST. The PROC record defines the parameters and keywords that are passed to the CLIST.
  • You can stack multiple IBM® Connect:Direct® commands in one CLIST, but you only need one PROC statement.
  • A number between 0 and 24 (inclusive) must follow the PROC identifier. This number indicates the number of positional parameters used by the CLIST.
  • Parameter names (one to eight characters each) that correspond to each positional parameter follow the number. If no positional parameters exist, specify PROC 0.
  • If you define more than one positional parameter on the PROC statement, you do not need to specify trailing positional parameters in the command unless you also specify a keyword parameter.
  • Use commas to indicate null values.
  • A positional parameter is terminated by the first blank encountered.
  • You can specify optional keyword parameters after the positional parameters. Enclose default values in parentheses after each keyword name.
  • Use a hyphen (-) to indicate that a IBM Connect:Direct command continues on the next line. An example follows.
    PROC 1 PNUM 
  • You can use comments in the CLIST only if you include an asterisk (*) in the first column.
  • Sequence numbers are not allowed.