Creating a Configuration File to Connect to a Server

If you want to connect to a Connect:Direct® server using the CLI, use the Logon Connection utility.

This utility can be used to run batch-oriented jobs. It enables you to identify the parameters necessary to connect to a server. It then saves this information to a configuration file. If you do not identify a directory, the file is saved in the root directory.

After you create the configuration file, invoke the CLI and include the -f parameter, to identify the location and file name for the configuration file. Then define a user ID and password in the Microsoft Windows setup utility.

To create the configuration file:

  1. Type the following command to run the LCU batch file:
    LCU -fx:\directory\filename

    where x:\directory is the location to save the configuration file and file name is the name of the configuration file.

  2. Enter the following information to identify the connection parameters for the server:
    • IP Address of the Connect:Direct server
    • Port number of the Connect:Direct server
    • User ID to use to connect to the server
    • User password of the user ID used to connect to the server.

    The information is automatically saved to the file you identified with the x:\directory\filename variable. If you do not enter this variable, the configuration file is saved in the root directory to the file called cddef.bin.