Installing Connect:Direct for UNIX

Complete the following procedure to perform a basic installation of Connect:Direct® for UNIX:

  1. Create the options file to install Connect:Direct for UNIX.
  2. Log in to the target system as root.
    Note: If the root password is unavailable, but root authority can be properly acquired per your company's security policies via a utility like sudo, then acquire root authority via the utility and then execute cdinstall_a script.
  3. Make a deployment directory on the target system to stage the installation files.
    Note: The deployment directory must be outside the Connect:Direct for UNIX Installation directory structure, i.e. not a sub-directory to the Connect:Direct for UNIX installation directory.
  4. Copy cdinstall_a, cdinstall, the cpio file, keycert file, and the options file to the deployment directory. You can put the cpio file on a network file system instead of the deployment directory.
  5. Run cdinstall_a.
  6. Review the log file in the deployment directory (cdaiLog.txt).