Configuration Categories

The configuration parameters are divided into the following categories:

  • Control Record
  • DTF Node Records
  • Network Node Records

Control Record

The Connect:Direct® for z/OS® Control Record contains information defining the operational characteristics of the Connect:Direct for z/OS system. This information includes flags that activate or deactivate system-wide features of the CICS® Interface and parameters that govern the performance of the system.

The Control Record is initially loaded during the installation process. The CICS Interface online administration facilities allow you to modify the contents of this record only. Any modifications performed while the CICS Interface is active are immediately reflected in the execution environment.

DTF Node Records

A CICS Interface user has the ability to access multiple IBM® Connect:Direct DTFs for the purpose of copying files from that node to other nodes, submitting Processes, and gathering and reporting on statistical information.

The DTF Node Records contain information identifying any node eligible to be signed on to by the CICS Interface and defining the rules governing access to that node (such as ESF access, output limits, and so forth).

Note: One DTF Node Record is required for each IBM Connect:Direct DTF to which the CICS Interface can sign on directly. The first of these records is defined and loaded at product installation.

IBM Connect:Direct DTF node information describes each DTF node available to the CICS Interface. At the startup of the Interface, a subtask called CST (controller subtask) is attached by CICS. The CST in turn attaches other subtasks, called WSTs (worker subtasks).

WSTs establish and manage a VTAM® session with a DTF, passing IBM Connect:Direct commands, and receiving returned information. One WST communicates with only one DTF, but multiple WSTs can communicate with one DTF.

Network Node Records

To facilitate the task of copying files from one node to another, the CICS Interface provides a means of predefining frequently used nodes, relieving you of the need to know specific information about nodes to be accessed. Nodes defined in Network Node Records display as a numbered list in the COPY FILE BETWEEN NODES screen. You can select nodes by number and provide only that information relating to the file to be sent or received.