Password Reset for a Web Administrator

The Password Reset utility resets Web Admin user’s existing password to default password for IBM Connect:Direct Web Service. The following information explains when you might need it, how to access the utility, and its parameters.

Prerequisite: Ensure PostgreSQL service (SERVICE_NAME) is up and running to run ResetDefaultCDWSAdminPassword.
  • Forgot password
  • Lapses in security policies preventing a Web Admin user from retaining the current password
Note: Administrator privileges are required to execute the ResetDefaultCDWSAdminPassword script.
Note: With v6.0.0.5, password reset utility name is now changed to ResetDefaultCDWSAdminPassword. IBM® Connect:Direct® Web Service users who are on an older release that is, prior to v6.0.0.5 can continue to use thecleanAdminRedisDataAdminKey.
Use the following commands to work with the Password Reset utility.
  1. For IBM Connect:Direct Web Service installed on Windows, navigate to $INSTALLATION_DIR$\bin and execute:
  2. For IBM Connect:Direct Web Service installed on Linux, Solaris, AIX, or a ZLinux platform, navigate to $CDWS_INSTALLATION_DIR$\bin and execute: