Accessing Web Console

After you have installed and configured Web Services, log in to the Web Console to verify the installation and to administer the Connect:Direct Web Server.

Before you begin, ensure that the Web Console and Web server are running.

  1. Launch a web browser and enter the following URL to connect to the IBM Connect:Direct Web Console.
    The Web Console login page displays.
  2. At the Admin Functions login tab, type the default ID and password (admin/admin) and click Log in.
    Administrator can now manage (add, modify, or remove) IBM Connect:Direct user nodes.
  3. Log in to the User Functions tab to complete operational tasks such as, Add, Modify,or Delete Netmap entries or Initialization Parameters (initparms).
    After login to the User Functions and can access File Agent and Process Library from Settings tab. File Agent provide the following features:
    • View and edit the Connect: Direct File Agent configurations.
    • View listing of rules and watch directories.
    • Add and edit rule and watch directory.
    • Search and Filter rules and watch directories.
    • Export and Import FileAgent configurations, rules and watch directories.
    Process Library features:
    • Listing of all added process libraries.
    • Add, edit, delete and rename the Connect: Direct process files.
    • View and search of process library.
    Note: For security reasons, it is recommended that you change the default administrator password immediately after your first login. To change the administrator password, use Reset Password option under the Admin view.
    Note: For more information on how to use the Web Console to complete Connect:Direct tasks, click Help. Getting Started and feature videos are also available at YouTube> IBM Connect:Direct.