Viewing User Status

Periodically view the status of a user to determine:

  • User access to a resource
  • Actions users are performing while using a resource
  • Resolve problems encountered by users

    IBM® Connect:Direct® provides the user status function for you to view information about users of the system and, if necessary, intervene to resolve error situations. You can either view all users of the system, a single user (optionally qualified by CICS® userid or terminal ID) or a group of users (optionally qualified by IBM Connect:Direct DTF node).

You have the option, while on the PRIMARY MENU screen, to restrict the scope of the status display. Restrict the scope by specifying the CICS userid, terminal ID and IBM Connect:Direct node that you want to display on the USER STATUS screen. To see all signed-on users, do not restrict your selection.

  1. To access the CONNECT:DIRECT ADMINISTRATION USER STATUS screen, type U and press Enter on the PRIMARY MENU,.

    Following is an example of the USER STATUS screen.

                             CONNECT:DIRECT ADMINISTRATION                   10:30:37
                                      USER STATUS
                CICS   SESS                                      LAST
      -------   ----   ----   ------   -------------   ------    ------   -----
    _ MASTER    M064   PRIM   ID1      "dtfnodename"   CICS          45   SAFA000I
    Line commands:  F  Free user    C  Free user and cancel user's subtask
                                    T  Free user and terminate user's signon
    PF keys:  3 Exit    10 Left    11 Right    ENTER Refresh/Process
  2. Take one of the following actions in the underscore field to the left of the CICS userid when a user security violation or resource allocation is abused:
    • To free a user from use of the CICS Interface system, type F and press Enter.
    • To free a user from use of the CICS Interface system and cancel that user's subtask, type F and press Enter.
    • To free a user from use of the CICS Interface system and and terminate that user's signon, type T and press Enter.

      The following table describes the systems fields:

    Field Description
    CICS ID (8-character field) contains the CICS userid of all currently signed-on users.
    CICS TERM (4-character field) contains the CICS terminal ID of all currently signed-on users.
    SESS TYPE (4-character field) contains the session type (PRIM or NONE).
    USERID (8-character field) contains the IBM Connect:Direct userid of all currently signed-on users.
    DTF NODE NAME (16-character field) contains the DTF node name the user is signed on to.
    STATUS (7-character field) contains the STATUS of a user.
    LAST TASK # contains the last task number of a user Process.
    MSGID contains the message ID of the last message for a given user.
  3. To see the following additional system fields, press PF11 to scroll right on the screen.
    Field Description
    TD CTR (5-character field) contains the number of bytes (counted by the transient data counter) indicating how much data is written by the exit module for a transaction.
    LAST SIGNON contains the time of the last signon.
    LAST REQUEST contains the time of the last request.