Transferring Data to the JES Reader or Spool

IBM® Connect:Direct® Spool Transfer transfers data from any IBM Connect:Direct node and routes job control language (JCL) statements to the JES reader or sends files to the JES spool.

By transferring data to the JES reader, any IBM Connect:Direct node can send z/OS JCL to the JES reader. Unlike the IBM Connect:Direct RUN JOB, z/OS JCL can be located where the Process is executing, on any media that IBM Connect:Direct supports.

The RUN JOB Security Exit provides a standard interface for security verification of job streams before they are submitted. For information on the RUN JOB Security Exit, search for Implementing Security.

IBM Connect:Direct Spool Transfer uses dynamic allocation (SVC 99) to allocate the JES spool file. You can also use the OUTADD and OUTDEL macros to allocate an OUTPUT DD reference statement dynamically.

You can print a IBM Connect:Direct banner page at the beginning of each print report. For information, search for IBM Connect:Direct Banners.

IBM Connect:Direct Spool Transfer supports the checkpoint/restart facility. IBM Connect:Direct takes a checkpoint at the top of form of the page printed after the checkpoint interval. Top of form is one of the following:

  • X’F1’ for ASA carriage control
  • X’8B’ for machine carriage control
  • LINECT (line count) if NOCC or the TOF=X’xx’ is specified in the Process