IBM Connect:Direct Enqueue Resource Management

This topic includes definitions of IBM® Connect:Direct® resources for a Multi-Image Manager (MIM) or Global Resource Serialization (GRS) system.

Major (Qname) Minor (Rname) Scope Description
NDMGDG GDG Base DSName SYSTEMS Issued during allocation of a GDG dataset when GDGENQ=YES.
NDMNTMAP APPLID SYSTEMS Issued while processing the APPLID record for a signon. When the APPLID is found and opened successfully, the DEQ is issued. This ENQ could be held for awhile depending on the number of signons and the number of APPLIDs in the list.
NDMUPDNM Netmap DSName SYSTEMS Issued during signon while processing the Netmap. Also, issued while processing a Netmap update and held for the entire update. To lock out all API while the Netmap is being updated, NDMUPDNM could be held awhile depending on the parameters in the update file.
NDMTCX TCQ index DSName (TCX) SYSTEMS Issued from several places to lock out all API and other TCQ updates.
TCXESF TCQ index DSName (TCX) SYSTEMS Issued during initialization to lock all ESF updates. Released after initialization of the TCQ/TCX is complete. Also issued during an ESF submit. Serialize processing between ESF submits and initialization.
Note: MIM now handles the cleanup of its QCB control blocks and the use of SCOPE=ALL is no longer valid. Use one of the following parameters appropriate for your system:
  • Code SCOPE=RESERVE if single system.
  • Code SCOPE=SYSTEMS if using shared DASD (for example, SDF).
  • Code SCOPE=SYSTEM if not using shared DASD.
  • When in doubt, code SCOPE=SYSTEMS.