Node Properties

Following are the node properties returned:

  • ApiVersion - API version of the node as a long
  • CDName - Connect:Direct® node name sent to the client after successfully logging on
  • Name - Alias node name passed in the constructor
  • OSSubType - Operating system sub-type (additional information) of the node
  • OSType - Operating system type of the node
  • ProcessEntry - Process from a Submit call
  • ProcessList - Array of Processes
  • SecurePlusSupported - Indicates if the node supports IBM® Connect:Direct Secure Plus
  • SecurePlusVersion - Connect:Direct Secure Plus version as a long
  • Server - File server name where the Connect:Direct node is running
  • StatsList - Array of Stat messages from a SelectStat call
  • Userid - User ID used to log in to the node