ARS Record Layouts

To customize ARS reports, modify the ARS reports or develop new reports. Examples include:

  • Change ARS report headings, spacing, field titles, and output format
  • Access additional information from the IBM® Connect:Direct® statistics file to enhance ARS reports or to develop new reports

    The ARS routines do not use all of the IBM Connect:Direct fields in the IBM Connect:Direct statistics records. The SAS Informat variables for these records are located in the $CD.SDGAMAP library. Access the information by the member names listed in the following table.

Note: Use two-character designations for records types when browsing the IBM Connect:Direct statistics file.
Member Name Contents of Member Record Types
DGAAAER Authorization Event Record IU=INSert USER UU=UPDate USER SU=SELect USER DU=DELete USER
DGAACPTR Change Process Termination Record CH=CHange PROCess
DGAACTR Copy Termination Record CT=COPY
DGAADPTR Delete Process Termination Record DP=DELete PROCess
DGAADTR Display Statistics Record SP=SELect PROCess DT=SELect TASK FT=FLUSH TASK SS=SELect STATistics SN=SELect NETmap
DGAAFPTR Flush Process Termination Record FP=FLUSH PROCess
DGAAFMCR PDS Member Copy Record MC=PDS member COPY
DGAAPPSR Process Submit Statistics Record PS=SUBmit statement SW=SUBmit command
DGAAPTR Process Termination Record PT=PROCess
DGAARJTR Run Job Termination Record RJ=RUN JOB
DGAARTTR Run Task Termination Record RT=RUN TASK
DGAASFR Signon/Signoff Statistics Record SI=SIGNON SO=SIGNOFF
DGAASDCR Start IBM Connect:Direct Command Record SD=Start IBM Connect:Direct
DGAASTDC Stop IBM Connect:Direct Statistics Record ST=STOP IBM Connect:Direct
DGAAWTOS Write to Operator (WTO) Statistics Record WT=Write to Operator