The SELECT TYPE command enables you to examine a record in the Type file. You can specify the search criteria and the form in which the information is presented.

The SELECT TYPE command uses the following format and parameters. The required parameters and keywords are in bold print. Default values for parameters and subparameters are underlined.

Label Command Parameters
(optional) SELECT TYPE WHERE (
    TYPEKEY = typekey | generic |(list)
    PRint | TABle

WHERE is the required parameter for the SELECT TYPE command.

Parameter Description

(TYPEKEY = typekey | generic | (list))

This parameter specifies which records in the Type file to select.

TYPEKEY = typekey | generic | (list)

specifies the key or list of keys of the records to select.

typekey specifies the name associated with the record selected. You created the typekey name when originally adding the entry to the Type file. The typekey is a 1–8 character alphanumeric string, with the first character alphabetic.

generic specifies generic selection of type keys. To specify type keys generically, type a 1–7 character alphanumeric string, with the first character alphabetic, plus an asterisk (*). For instance, if your network includes the type keys SENDDAY, SENDMO, and SENDWK, a specification of SEND* provides information about those keys.

list specifies multiple type keys. A list of keys is specified by enclosing them in parentheses.

The optional parameter is described below.

Parameter Description
PRInt | TABle Parameters specify the method of display for the output of the select.

PRint specifies that the output to a printer in tabular format. Output is routed to the destination specified in the PRINT keyword of the SIGNON command.

TABle specifies that the output is stored in a temporary file in tabular format and is displayed upon successful completion of the command. This parameter is the default.

Example of Selecting a Type Record

The following command selects a record in the TYPE file.


The output follows.

                   SELECT TYPE DEFAULTS
 Type Key  => DF           Date Created => mm/dd/yyyy