VTAM Printer Support

Connect:Direct® for z/OS® uses VTAM Printer Support (VPS) to retrieve JES spool files for processing. Expansion of the VPS application includes IBM® Connect:Direct support for moving print files from the JES spool to any IBM Connect:Direct node. The VPS module (VPSSCDI) directs spooled output from JES to the IBM Connect:Direct API for file transfer.

The following diagram illustrates the flow of the print file through this process.

VPS passes control to the IBM Connect:Direct API at the following times:

Phase Description
System Initialization When a JES spool file is sent through IBM Connect:Direct, VPS first transfers control to the IBM Connect:Direct API for printer initialization and the API issues a SIGNON to the local DTF.
Printer Initialization After signon, VPS copies the print files to a disk file and sends it to the IBM Connect:Direct API.
SYSOUT Data Set Ready The IBM Connect:Direct API constructs a SUBMIT PROCESS command to send printer attributes, data set name, and the submitter's user ID to the local DTF.

If the SUBMIT fails because the Process can not be found or the SNODE is unavailable, the print file is returned to the JES print queue according to the values specified in the requeue parameters. If the SUBMIT fails for another reason, VPS deletes the staged data set, drains its DTF WRITER, and leaves the JES spool file in the JES queue for restart.

If the SUBMIT is successful, VPS releases ownership of the staged data set to IBM Connect:Direct, and the JES spool file is PURGED from JES.

Printer Termination When no more JES files are printing to IBM Connect:Direct, a printer termination request is sent to IBM Connect:Direct API.
System Termination The IBM Connect:Direct API then sends a SIGNOFF command to the local DTF.

You can change VPSSCDI to modify IBM Connect:Direct control blocks prior to calling DGASVPSA.