S2 Statistics Records

The S2 statistics records contain information about the statistics logging function. The system writes the records about once per hour when activity exists in the DTF. Each S2 record contains statistics about the period of time since the prior S2 record. The S2 statistics records include the following information:

  • Beginning time and length of the period covered
  • Count of records written in the period
  • Count of ESDS control intervals written in the period
  • Count of total bytes written to the ESDS
  • Average statistics record length
  • Average records per control interval
  • Average ESDS writes per second
  • Average KSDS writes per second
  • Average logging service time
  • Total waits for logging queue element
  • Each indexed field including max keys and average keys per control interval

Use the TYPE parameter of the SELECT STATISTICS command to view the S2 records. The system writes the S2 records with the user ID specified in the STAT.USER initialization parameter. If you code a unique ID for STAT.USER and you specify the USER parameter on the SELECT STATISTICS request, you greatly reduce the search time because the user ID is an indexed field. See the IBM® Connect:Direct® for z/OS® User Guide for more information on how to use the SELECT STATISTICS command.

For example, if you code STAT.USER=statuser, a SELECT STATISTICS request to display all S2 records looks like the following figure.