Sample Statistics Exits

IBM® Connect:Direct® provides the following sample statistics exits in $CD.SDGASAMP library:

Exits Description
DGAXSMF This sample exit logs IBM Connect:Direct statistics records to the SMF log. It logs records to the SMF log by prefixing each statistics record with an SMF record header, and then uses the SMFWTM macro to write to the SMF log. The SMF record is type 132.
DGAXEV01 This sample exit provides a means for an application to access event data. For more information on how to use the Event Services Support (ESS) facility with this exit, see the IBM Connect:Direct for z/OS® Facilities Guide.

This exit writes each event record to a predefined data set. You must modify DGAXEV01 to specify the name of your event exit data set, and define the data set to accommodate records up to 2048 bytes in length.

DGAXSACC This exit documents the path to log user accounting data from the copy termination (CT) records.

This exit is invoked for every IBM Connect:Direct statistics record written to the statistics file, but only processes CT records.

DGAXSXIT This sample exit simply checks for copy termination records. When IBM Connect:Direct encounters a copy termination, the system issues a WTO.
DGAXSXMC This sample exit precludes the logging of PDS member copy (MC) records that have good return codes. It enables the logging of records of this type only when they have non-zero return codes. It also enables the logging of all other record types regardless of their return codes.
DGAXSCPU This sample Statistics exit no longer adds CPUTIME=xxxxxxxx to the end of the Step Termination records. Beginning with Release 5.1, CPU time fields have been present in record extensions addressed by offsets from the beginning of the Statistics record for Copy Termination (DGA$CTR), Run Task Termination (DGA$RTTR) and Process Termination (DGA$PTR). Run Job Termination (DGA$RJTR) contains no CPU time fields.
This sample code shows how to access those CPU time fields as well as other fields in the record extension areas. For demonstration purposes, this code produces report output for each Copy Step showing Process Name, Number and SNODE Name plus counts for records and blocks read / written and finally the time on CP plus time on ZIIP for both sending and receiving as captured in the CT record. This output goes to DDNAME=SCDIAG or can be directed to another DD.
Note: The sole purpose of this sample exit is to demonstrate accessing fields in Stat Record extensions. We do not recommend it be run in production environments.