Restrictions and Requirements

Observe the following restrictions and requirements:

  • The name of the allocation exit load module is user-defined, but it must not conflict with any other IBM® Connect:Direct® load module names.
  • Because the control blocks provided by IBM Connect:Direct that the exit must access are located in storage requiring 31-bit addressability, you must link-edit the module with AMODE ANY to make it capable of executing in 31-bit mode.
  • To activate the exit, specify ALLOCATION.EXIT=modname in the IBM Connect:Direct initialization parameters file. You must link-edit the allocation exit as re-entrant and place it in a load library that the IBM Connect:Direct DTF can access.
  • If an exit is not working, check the setting of the INVOKE.ALLOC.EXIT global initialization parameter, which should be one of the following:
    • RECV - Invokes the allocation exit when receiving a file.
    • SEND - Invokes the allocation exit when sending a file.
    • BOTH - Invokes the allocation exit both when sending and receiving a file. This is the default setting.