DGADSIOX I/O Exit Sample Processes

Three sample Processes are provided in the $CD.SDGAPROC library distributed with IBM® Connect:Direct® that you can use to prepare a Process to execute the DGADSIOX I/O exit:

  • DGAPIOX1, which copies the SMS-COMPRESSED data set, KSTIC1.SMSTEST.DMDSSU.COMP.OUTLIST, from the PNODE to a data set of the same name on the SNODE but renames the SNODE data set to MWATL1.SMSTEST.DMDSSU3.** as part of the execution of the ADRDSSU utility on the SNODE.
  • DGAPIOX2, which is similar to the DGAPIOX1 process but uses symbolic substitution to name the input data set.
  • DGAPWILD, which is set up to copy wildcard-named files