OpenVMS and HP NonStop (Tandem) Nodes

Use the following entry with OpenVMS and HP NonStop (Tandem) nodes.

CDVMS     MODEENT LOGMODE=CDVMS,                                    X
               TYPE=1,                                              X
               FMPROF=X’04’,                                        X
               TSPROF=X’04’,                                        X
               PRIPROT=X’B1’,                                       X
               SECPROT=X’B1’,                                       X
               COMPROT=X’7080’,                                     X
               SRCVPAC=X’04’,     SRCVPAC,SSNDPAC, AND PSNDPAC      X
               SSNDPAC=X’04’,     VALUES CAN BE TUNED               X
               PSNDPAC=X’04’,                                       X
               RUSIZES=X’8989’,   4K SEND AND RECV RUSIZE           X