IBM Connect:Direct Exits and DGADTSUB

If your IBM® Connect:Direct® system uses any of the standard exits (Security, RUN JOB, or RUN TASK), DGADTSUB functions with any or all of them without further modification. Both a RUN TASK and a RUN JOB exit are invoked by DGADTSUB, and any processing that takes place is done when using DGADTSUB.

Error Output

DGADTSUB writes any internal error information to the data set specified on the CDESTAE DD statement. Always include this DD statement in the IBM Connect:Direct startup job stream.

Return Codes

The following table describes the DGADTSUB return codes:

Return Code Meanings
04 A job stream record is truncated after substitution. Symbolic substitution is performed on columns 1–71 of the JCL record. Truncation is indicated when substitution causes the data in columns 1–71 to expand beyond column 71.

For non-JCL records, substitution is performed on columns 1–80. The most common cause of this error is sequence numbers in data statements.

08 An error occurred parsing the parameters or the job stream source.

A symbol length is greater than 19.

A symbol name is absent in the parameter string.

12 No parameters are passed.

An I/O error occurred.

An input data set allocation parameter is not found.

The symbol table overflowed.

A file open error occurred.

An input record length is greater than 256.

A member locate error occurred.