Viewing a TCP Listen Status Report

To view the TCP listening status through the IUI interface, follow this procedure.

  1. Access the INQUIRE TCP command by selecting option INQ from the Connect:Direct Administrative Options Menu. The Inquire DTF Internal Status screen is displayed.
  2. Type ITCP and press ENTER to display the status report. The following report is an example of the output.
       Menu  Utilities  Compilers  Help
     BROWSE    SYS18242.T154700.RA000.EPETE1.NDMAPI.H0F
     Command ===>
    ******************************************************************* Top of Data ******
    CD.ART            * INQUIRE TCP    *  DATE: 08.30.2018  TIME: 15:47:04
    ADDRESS                                 PORT   FAMILY  TYPE  STATUS
    ======================================= ===== ======== ==== ==========                           5610    IPV4   NODE  LISTEN                           5610    IPV4   NODE ERROR -   CANNOT ASSIGN ADDRESS
    FD00:0:0937:6F00::0091                  5610    IPV6   NODE  LISTEN                           5620    IPV4   API   LISTEN
    FD00:0:0937:6F00::0091                  5620    IPV6   API   LISTEN
    ******************************************************************* Bottom of Data ****