Performing an Immediate or Uncontrolled Shutdown

The CICS® IUI facility provides two facilities for orderly termination of the interface, as follows:

  • Termination is performed automatically by the CICS monitor transaction upon detection of a normal termination of CICS (through a CEMT PERFORM SHUTDOWN command) when the PLTSD in use specifies the Connect:Direct® for CICS shutdown program.
  • You can terminate the interface manually by using the DGAA transaction.

    If you perform an immediate CICS shutdown (through the CEMT PERFORM SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE command) or if CICS terminates abnormally, you may receive system A03 ABENDs from the z/OS® interface. The ABENDs are generated as a result of region termination without detaching all the operating system subtasks created by the CICS IUI facility.

    In order to avoid the additional ABENDs, you must terminate the CICS IUI facility manually, through the DGAA transaction, before you issue the CEMT PERFORM SHUTDOWN IMMEDIATE command.